Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Thank god i havent paid deposit and confirm on d decor company..
Merely book verbally w d person..
D same goes for d invites , kendarats n many other stuff for d wedding..
I NOT ONLY GET TO CUT COSTS...I found a another company which has
many other beautiful decor works n JUST LIKE D RING DAT I found at GOLDHEART..
The moment i c and my hrt tells me....DIS IS IT...i love dis one...
It wud really mean...DAT IS D ONE...

So now left to finalise d no of invitations to prepare d invitation cards which i also managed to source for a nicer n cheaper one...heheh....

Once venue is settled... jop n me wudnt hav much things to tink abt...

Can just wait for d big day to come w no worries..

Insya allah


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