Monday, November 2, 2009

As i have mentioned in my previous entry...
I was so bz d whole week w sum Gubahan/Hantaran orders for pple's engagement events...
So here r d pics of d recent LOVECREATEZ collections...
First is.....Lovely Lilac Garden...Client:Zay giving to his fiancee Sharifah
Ring Bearer
Dowry Symbol...( I only prepared d base as d money holder was prepared by d client's relative)
Cupcake stand
Marble Cake
Engagement Cake
M.A.C Cosmetics
Burberry's Fragrance Set
Omnia 2 sumthing unique which i call...Cosmic Fantasy....Client: Sharifah giving to her fiance Zay ( He requested for d cosmic theme...w astranauts , space shuttle n outer space stuff)
Oakley Specs Holder
Details of d decoration

Armani Fragrance Set
Adidas Jacket
Mini Donuts

Ring BearerCosmic Fantasy theme...

The next theme looked almost similar to d first one but this time i am inspired by AMETHYST gem stone...thus i call dis creation Whimsical Hidden Amethyst...
The client luvs purple and requested for White , silver and purple hues...
Client: Fiza giving to her fiance Fauzi

Ring Bearer
Fruits in a cageBack view w details of d cage
Crabtree & Evelyn Toiletries
Last but not least...Godiva Chocs...!! Yum yum...

The 4th order was for d Client: Fauzi who was giving it to his fiance Fiza..
He only mentioned that he wanted the gifts to be decorated in Blue/Turquoise & Black...
And these r d latest kind of trays that i just got....
I call this theme: Topaz Treasure...also inspired by a gemstone....
Cupcake/baking books
Dowry Symbol and Ring Bearer
The Topaz Treasure...

I am so thankful to all my clients for believing in me and allowed me to be part of their big day.
I also would like to congratulate them on their engagement!!...
Looking forward to working with them again in future...insya allah...
Thanx for all d support n faith u all have in LOVECREATEZ...

Till den


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