Thursday, August 13, 2009

Few more days to my next checkup...
In a few more days i will be in my 6th mth of pregnancy.
How fast time flies...
Felt like only yesterday hubby proposed to me...and we started to plan for our wedding within 6mths...and 3 mths after d wedding , i discovered dat i was expecting.
Now , we r already bz preparing for d arrival of d lil prince..our lil prince.
Baby Q...

Hubby have been extra bz lately ...either werkin late or not comin back at all
Of cos this makes me upset but i just have to endure n understand his working conditions..
Yesterday , i was tryin to keep myself occupied by playin games on PSP till i get sleepy...wen i received a text frm hubby ard midnite...
He just finished werk and of cos not comin back cos d next day , he will start v early in d mornin..
He apologized n promised to make up for it...he told me to think of a nice beautiful romantic place to dine or spend time with....but i just refused cos i noe it wasnt his fault..or dat he meant to neglect me..
He have been so wonderful and caring to me as ever and there's nothing i could ask for..
Just quality time w him is enuff...
So i replied n told him....not to waste d money on such stuff..but keep it for BABY Q...
Maybe get sumthin nice for d baby ...will be a better idea...!

A replied frm hubby came few seconds later saying...we shall go shoppin as he wanna get a BABY COT , Bath Tub and Toys for BABY Q..
I just smiled reading d text and find it amusing ...he wanna get TOYS for his SON!
Isn't it too early?...hmmm but i just replied..."Thanx Daddy!" as if it came frm BABY Q

I started rubbing my tummy and felt my baby's kicks n movements..
He is alwiz more hyper n vigorous at nite...
His kicks or nudges can be so hard dat my tummy could shake and its v cute to c!


Now i am getting ready to go werk...
2 dance classes to conduct later...thank god the backache have improved slightly.

Till den


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